Month 28 — The teacher appears when the student is ready — My Linux teachers arrived

Teacher 1 — Messing with Missing Data

Then in one of my data analytics projects, I was reviewing data refresh step done in Pandas when I realized that something strange was going on. I was seeing certain trends in the data that were very strange — for example, the price of Tomato always peaked on the 12th of every month.

Step 1 — Combine all the raw data files quickly
Step 2 — Count the number of records for each date in the file

Teacher 2 — Delete all old python versions and sync it up with the Python version in my Cloud Server account

The first situation was easy on me — at least in hindsight. It was just a few hours at best. But the this situation was very hard on me as I stepped into territories which I did not fully comprehend and even messed up some of the system files and had to recover . It took me around 2 weeks to get through the entire task — but as I look back now, this was much a better teacher.

More situations are popping up

I faced even more issues where my little knowledge of Linux came to my rescue and some of these situations made me transition into my next learning topic — Regex.

So, which learning approach is better?

Now coming back to my learning approach which I adopted — I did not even pay attention to a number of tools I used in the above 2 situations when I went through the Linux book. I just skimmed through and tried to have an idea that such tools existed. It is only when I needed to solve this problem, I went back to learning them. I did not go back to the book anyway — this time, I wanted to use the cryptic man pages to figure things out myself. And boy, I did. After spending a lot of time plowing through the man pages to understand how sort works and solving the missing data problem, I reviewed the sort pages in the book when I was relaxing — then, I understood what a difference a good writer makes — had I read the book fully, I would have understood sort much better and would NOT have to toil with the cryptic man pages.



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Siraj Samsudeen

Siraj Samsudeen


An entrepreneur who is coming back to coding after a gap of 16 years due to love of coding.