Month 16 — First breakthrough — Combining linear note-taking with SRS using Obsidian and Anki

Better note-taking

The key question I had was this: How can I capture my learning in a simple linear format that gives a full overview, but at the same time makes it easy for long-term retention using Spaced Repetition System (SRS)?

Enter Obsidian

Obsidian to Anki Plugin

A plugin was available to automatically create flashcards in Anki based on the contents in my notes. Though this plugin was technically complicated to set up, once I customized it to my needs, it really gave me a lot of power to create notes and then later annotate/tag certain items to make them go into Anki. When I am in Anki, I am able to see the context of the card and I even have a link to the Obsidian file so that I can launch into that file, if I need to get a full overview of that topic for any reason. This is so beautiful.

Learn Core Concepts

I also wanted to take the time to learn Linux and other underlying concepts. I hit a problem with multiple conflicting versions of Python on my Mac when I was working on a project and I did not know how to resolve it. So, I decided to Delete current versions of python and start with a clean slate. I have attempted to do this twice in the past, but given my limited knowledge to really understand this topic, I did not succeed both times. But this time, I decided to take the plunge. I did succeed. It was such a beautiful feeling when I finally managed to clear this roadblock — the little Linux that I have learnt in the past month has come in handy to tackle this challenge.

Any Q: and A: is converted into a flashcard. No special syntax. Just looks normal to the untrained eye, but the magic is happening behind
Even tagging #flashcard would also create the flashcard (Neuracache style)
Anki flashcard automatically created by :: — this creates 2 cards one to test pattern to meaning and other in the reverse direction
Cloze deletion card. When the use highlight option with ==, then a cloze deletion card is created. Look at the context — so beautiful



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Siraj Samsudeen

Siraj Samsudeen


An entrepreneur who is coming back to coding after a gap of 16 years due to love of coding.